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CommsForce understands the on-demand world because it is our world too. We know your business because we come from the same background. Our business is structured to deliver standards of excellence throughout the life-cycle of your investment ensuring you achieve your goal of a fully optimised network environment.

CommsForce is a dynamic and progressive company that provides products and services to ensure even the most complex networks work seamlessly. We do this by engaging in all stages of a networks life to:

  • provide certainty in the design and proof of concept stage
  • ensure prior to deployment that the individual elements used to construct the network, communicate with each other and do so flawlessly with a predicated level of traffic and wide range of applications
  • ensure the quality of the network construction
  • monitor and highlight network issues before they impact customer satisfaction and revenue generation

CommsForce seeks out innovative technology solutions for the world’s leading providers of test and monitor solutions that address the issues of today's innovative market solutions:

  • automate and simplify the test process to ensure the fastest deployment of revenue generating services
  • provide intelligence within test tools that will make the least experienced member of your team an expert

When it comes to optimal network performance, you can rely on CommsForce to deliver the desired results.

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