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CommsForce establishes new agreement for wind energy generator, Windstrip

CommsForce has recently entered into a partnership agreement with renewable energy company, Windstrip. Based in Minnesota, USA, Windstrip uses proprietary technology solutions to meet the high-specification, high-performance power requirements of its customers.

 Engineered to be customised, Windstrip provide an integrated and flexibly distributed Hybrid Power System (“HPS”) that has multiple applications across a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential functions. At the core of Windstrip’s HPS is its smart-electronics Intelligent & Dynamic Energy Addressing system (“IDEAs™”). IDEAs enables the seamless integration, management, storage, and delivery of multiple energy sources to service the single- or multiple-purpose power needs of its customers. This innovative, end-to-end solution not only reduces costs but more importantly reduces dependence on using fossil fuels to achieve this result.

 This new partnership with Windpower provides CommsForce with the ability to deploy a range of fully integrated renewable energy solutions designed to meet the reliability and sustainability goals of the Australian cellular communications industry.


For more details regarding Windstrip products, please refer to their website or contact CommsForce.

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