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EXFO launches two exciting new wireless solutions

Network test, monitoring and analytics experts, EXFO have just unveiled their latest wireless solutions, SkyRAN and the addition of baseband unit (BBU) emulation technology.

proactive test and monitoring solution for RF interference and fronthaul networks

 SkyRAN is a scalable remote access and monitoring solution for fibre-based fronthaul networks. Developed in collaboration with the largest wireless carriers in North America, SkyRAN provides real-time, on-demand testing and 24/7 monitoring of fibre optic networks and radio frequency (RF) spectrum. The SkyRAN solution was launched in January 2018 and is currently being showcased at VZTUF-XII in Austin, TX.

 SkyRAN combines the industry’s highest resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI with the most advanced fibre monitoring capabilities on the market. SkyRAN can detect RF issues that were previously either undetectable or difficult to identify, ensuring mobile network operators (MNOs) will now have the capacity to proactively identify and resolve RF interference, PIM and fibre-related issues before they could impact subscribers.

 A solution like SkyRAN will become even more critical as the mobile industry begins to transform their networks in preparation for 5G, which will rely on highly dense networks resulting in an increase of RF interference sources.


BBU emulation technology: radio access network test solution speeds up cell-site commissioning

Baseband unit (BBU) emulation technology was acquired by EXFO in August 2017 from Absolute Analysis to support the powerful FTB-1 Pro portable test platform. This revolutionary solution validates the quality of installation of new or upgraded cell sites by identifying and addressing issues with remote radio heads (RRHs) and antennas during the first site visit.

By accessing the RRH directly before installation, technicians can run tests not previously possible without a commissioned BBU, helping them accurately identify and resolve issues faster. Since results are representative of live cell-site performance, mobile technicians can be confident of the quality of their installation prior to handoff to MNOs.

This solution allows operators get to revenue faster, remove the cost to deploy next-generation wireless fronthaul networks and deliver consistently outstanding service to their subscribers.

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SkyRAN and BBU emulation technology.



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