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EXFO Speeds Up Testing Times for Copper Pair Quality Assessment

Troubleshooting and repairing copper pairs often require several truck rolls per job to ensure that the far end of the circuit is at the correct state for each specific type of measurement. Measuring loop resistance requires a shorted circuit; while an open circuit is needed for loop capacitance. Time is always an issue for the field technician who has to go back and forth when manually setting the far-end state for each test. Plus the added stress of having to remember the current far-end state can potentially lead to measurement errors.

EXFO has teamed up with Teletech Pty. Ltd, an Australian company, to deliver a solution that simplifies and speeds up copper pair quality assessment in the field.

By coupling Teletech’s TS125 Remote Far End Device (FED) to EXFO’s MaxTester 600 series (the MAX-610 and the MAX-635), field technicians can now close jobs faster and help eliminate the risk of measurement errors. The MaxTester 600 remotely controls the TS125 FED at the other end of the circuit to ensure that the far-end state corresponds to the test being performed.

Here are the benefits of this new solution:

  • No more truck rolls to change far-end circuit states
  • The right line termination state for every measurement
  • Standalone and automated test suites supported
  • The pass-through mode support of the far-end device ensures maximum subscriber up-time even when the field technician is on the clock

Simplifying Copper Pair Quality Testing Simplifying Copper Pair Quality Testing (1042 KB)

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