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Ixia (NASDAQ: XXIA), the leading global provider of converged IP and wireless network test solutions, is attending the OFC/NFOEC 2012 event being held March 6-8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center where it will demonstrate its comprehensive test solutions for optical networking technologies. Ixia will join leading network equipment manufacturers in validating performance at breakthrough speeds.

Among the Ixia solutions being featured in live demonstrations are the new XOTN™ 40G and 100G test system and the 40GE ImpairNet™ load module. The XOTN test system works in conjunction with Ixia's Higher Speed Ethernet (HSE) family of load modules to test traffic at speeds up to 100Gbps and 100G OTU4 across Optical Transport Network (OTN) ITU-T G.709 interfaces. A critical new component of Ixia's impairment solution portfolio, the 40GE ImpairNet load module allows network operators using 40GE links between data centers to introduce latency between those links in order to validate precise and constant traffic delivery.

Leading providers of optical network equipment and technology use Ixia test solutions to emulate massively scalable optical networking environments in order to validate performance and scalability. Ixia will join noted industry leaders in demonstrating their latest innovations:

Juniper Networks will use Ixia's XM2 system in demonstrating Juniper Networks® PTX5000 Packet Transport Switch with 100GE and MX240 3D Universal Edge Router (Booth 1925);
Opnext is demonstrating their next-generation 100Gbps coherent flexible line cards. On display will be the OTS-100 MXP (10x 10G Muxponder) and OTS-100 TXP (1x 100G Transponder) line cards, with external traffic sourced by Ixia 10G and 100G test solutions. The 100G coherent transponders from Opnext include soft decision FEC and are designed to provide 9.6Tb/s capacity per fiber up to 2,000 km distance between regeneration points (Booth 1425);
Sumitomo Electric will showcase its 40GE-LR4 QSFP+ and will employ Ixia's dual-speed 40/100GE, 2-port, high-density Xcellon-Lava load module in demonstrating its newly announced 40GE QSFP-LR4 optical transceiver -- geared for data centers using multiple tiers of networks to aggregate and link traffic. The 40GE QSFP-LR4 supports 10km link distances over standard single-mode fiber (Booth 1624);
Xelic will use Ixia systems to generate Ethernet traffic in conjunction with its XB120 evaluation platform to demonstrate its 40GE and 100GE to Optical Transport Network transponders' applications (Booth 734); and
The Ethernet Alliance demonstration will feature Ixia's latest high density, 100GE and 100G XOTN test system running Ethernet traffic over an OTN link at 100 GE speeds, as well as its new 40GE ImpairNet load module (Booth 724).

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