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Simplified Copper Pair Quality Testing

EXFO Leverages Teletech’s Remote Far End Device

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, March 31, 2015 — EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO; TSX: EXF) today announced that it has entered into a reseller agreement with Teletech, an Australian telecom test equipment manufacturer, for the TS125 Remote Far End Device. This reseller agreement paves the way towards a complete solution for all operators and contractors with existing methods and procedures in place, where the use of a Far End Device (FED) complements their copper pair quality testing.

Coupled with the EXFO MaxTester 600 series (in particular the MaxTester 610 and MaxTester 635), the use of the FED drastically reduces the number of truck rolls needed to change the state of the far end of the circuit when performing measurements to assess the copper circuit quality. The EXFO MaxTester 600 remotely controls the FED, instructing it to place short, open or any other terminations at the far end of the copper pair circuit in order to properly conduct measurements.

“Teletech is pleased to work with EXFO. Their next-generation test instruments using SmartR features are ideal for Teletech’s Far End Device,” said Malcom Basell, CEO, Teletech Pty. Ltd. “The Teletech TS125 Remote FED perfectly complements EXFO’s MaxTester 600 series and extends the range of copper pair quality tests by removing the need for repeated travels to the far end of the line. When completing tests, the MaxTester automatically controls the TS125 to ensure the line is always terminated correctly.”

“By leveraging Teletech’s reliable expertise with Far End Devices, EXFO is now poised at a vantage point in the industry to provide a fully comprehensive solution for copper pair quality testing,” indicated Étienne Gagnon, Vice-President, Physical-Layer and Wireless Division. “The TS125 FED complements our MaxTester 600 series to deliver OPEX savings for operators by reducing test times and truck rolls.”

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