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Application Deployment Assurance

Whether enterprises host their own applications or utilise Software as a Service (SaaS) one commonality prevails - applications must be highly available and deliver increased levels of Quality of Experience (QoE). There are significant advantages to successfully deploying software-based business applications efficiently within an organisation. Due to the demands of end users, modern applications are now more than ever reliant on millisecond response times.

With the right deployment and scalability assessment methodology we can ensure:

  • “Go Live” events are a success
  • project milestone dates are achieved
  • financial infrastructure growth profiles are aligned
  • network delay is minimised
  • traffic engineering profiling achieves application delivery requirements
  • application growth profiles and impacts are understood

CommsForce - Application Deployment Assurance V2 CommsForce - Application Deployment Assurance V2 (2368 KB)

Engage CommsForce when you need:

  • vendor neutral consultation services
  • access to a state of the art network and application simulation environment
  • to reduce project risk
  • increase the accuracy of project investment profiles
  • accelerate project deliverables

Contact CommsForce on 02 8858 0670 to discuss your Consulting requirements.


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