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Data Centre and Cloud

With the rise of mobile, social media and content applications and services, users expect access anywhere, anytime. This expectation has placed increasing demand upon today’s data centre to deliver applications and services with high availability and increased agility.

Enterprises are deploying technologies such as virtualisation, across network, compute and storage, and are architecting data centres in an active/active fashion. Although this provides agility, it also adds great complexity and pressure on infrastructure, posing the question: How can I assure data centre performance and scale?

It is critical that the data centre design offers flexibility to allow the delivery of new applications and technologies rapidly. CommsForce can assist in assuring that the network, applications and services perform to business requirements and exceed expectations of the end-users.

By leveraging our proven expertise, CommsForce can assess the impact of data centre architectures and their associated technologies while helping mitigate the risk associated with today’s complexities. We can model different scenarios and conduct a ‘what if’ analysis to understand how key aspects of the data centre solution impacts performance and the delivery of existing/new applications.

CommsForce - Data Centre and Cloud - Assuring Success CommsForce - Data Centre and Cloud - Assuring Success (1026 KB)

Engage CommsForce when you need:

  • vendor neutral consultation services
  • access to a state of the art network and application simulation environment
  • to reduce project risk
  • increase the accuracy of project investment profiles
  • accelerate project deliverables

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