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Buttinski Test Phone

  • $200.00 (ex GST)
  • $220.00 (inc GST)

The T9000 test phone is designed to provide only DTFM output.  The T9000 test phone is line-powered so no internal battery is required.

  • Talk/Ring/Monitor three kind of tests function, its switch located on inside of handgrip. 
  • Switches are located on inside of handgrip, 20db boost for partial handsfree operation.
  • The high impedance monitor will not disturb data, conversation, or signaling. 
  •  LED indicates reversed polarity. 
  • No battery required.
  • The TP 9000 test set used by installers, repair technicians and other authorised personnel, for line testing and temporary communication.
  • Test phone for PSTN lines.

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