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IPV6 Readiness Services

With CommsForce’s national and international carrier experience and knowledge of Carrier Grade NAT (CG-NAT) and IPv6 deployments across wireline and wireless networks, CommsForce can assist your business in the following ways:

  • benchmark your current network performance and scalability to provide fact-based investment profiles
  • benchmark network elements with hybrid IPv4 & IPv6 address modelling to determine the impact of such a configuration
  • benchmark network elements with IPv6 address modelling only to determine the impact of such a configuration

The above activities will allow you to determine exactly what impact IPv6 will have on your network, which will assist with budgetary planning processes as well as contribute immensely to detailed network design requirements. In summary this service will address:

  • IPv6 business drivers
  • commercial impact of IPv6 introduction
  • engineering guidelines and lifecycle processes
  • technical guidelines to rolling out IPv6 services within your environment
  • technical education

Engage CommsForce when you need:

  • vendor neutral consultation services
  • access to a state of the art network and application simulation environment
  • to reduce project risk
  • increase the accuracy of project investment profiles
  • accelerate project deliverables

Contact CommsForce on 02 8858 0670 to discuss your Consulting requirements.


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