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Established in 1986, Trilithic specialises in Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) and XFPT but is best known for their world class Broadband Instrument innovations (HFC) - signal level measurement, leakage detection and reverse path maintenance. 
With over 130 employees worldwide, Trilithic’s headquarters are based in Indianapolis, USA, however they also maintain an Eastern presence after expanding operations to Thailand in 2001, to meet increasing demand for its products in Asia.

Trilithic is comprised of three major divisions:

 Broadband Instruments
The company is best known for innovations in signal level measurement, leakage detection and reverse path maintenance—like the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, which lets field technicians upgrade their signal analyzers by simply downloading firmware.

 Emergency Alert Systems
Trilithic's EAS division is a leading supplier of homeland security government-mandated emergency alert systems for broadband and other communication system providers. As the communications industry continues its rapid evolution, Trilithic has begun offering comprehensive systems and services to address a wide variety of emergency alert system needs, including the design and architectural layout of complex analog and digital EAS networks.

Trilithic's XFTP division offers a specialty line of field technical products for cable operators and technicians, as well as a line of products for installing electronics in the home of the future. The division brings together an experienced Trilithic team and a new group of exclusive distributors to provide popular products and services at an affordable price,without sacrificing quality or support.

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