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Proof of Concept

The proof of concept solutions model is designed to expedite your project deliverables in partnership with reducing cost and risk. Having access to a dedicated and fully equipped proof of concept lab is an unjustifiable expense for many. However, having the ability to independently verify new network elements, services or applications is critical for any successful deployment.

CommsForce's proof of concept testing services are designed to validate:

  • the suitability of a theoretical architecture
  • the most appropriate hardware elements
  • the optimum configuration required by each hardware element to maximise performance
  • the QoS architectural parameters required to deliver required business application performance
  • network, application and conformance compliance
  • network and application scalability and overall capacity (assists with network investment profiling)
  • end user application experience
  • network delay and jitter for time critical applications

CommsForce - Proof of Concept V2 CommsForce - Proof of Concept V2 (955 KB)

Engage CommsForce when you need:

  • vendor neutral consultation services
  • access to a state of the art network and application simulation environment
  • to reduce project risk
  • increase the accuracy of project investment profiles
  • accelerate project deliverables

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