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Equipment Rental

Purchasing test equipment is not always the answer. Often organisations simply require short-term access to the right equipment.

Recognising this, CommsForce has formed a partnership with Celemetrix and is now able to offer the broadest range of equipment in quantities no other company in Australia is able to offer.

Whether you need it for a day, a week, a month or a year, Celemetrix can be relied upon to assist with your specific requirements.

Leveraging from our extensive local fleet or via our strategic rental partners including Powertech Rentals and Livingston, any quantity or type of equipment can be deployed with less than a day’s notice.

We provide rental solutions for:

  • Telecommunications transmission, cabling and commissioning
  • Data Communications analysis, cabling, scoping and commissioning
  • Radio Frequency deployments, maintenance and commissioning
  • Electrical energy monitoring, generation, distribution, thermography, commissioning and maintenance
  • Industrial equipment maintenance, monitoring, commissioning and analysis
  • Mining equipment maintenance, monitoring, analysis and commissioning
  • General electronic test and measurement

Learn more about Celemetrix’s Rental Services.

Contact CommsForce on 02 8858 0670 to discuss your Rental requirements.

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