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Service, Repair, Calibration and Asset Management

The return on investment calculation includes the long term cost of ownership of any asset. Total ongoing costs of ownership are directly related to the service and support provided by the supplier.

While many major suppliers have consolidated service activities overseas in an effort to reduce their costs, CommsForce has taken the opposite view and expanded its service commitment locally to ensure your costs and downtime are minimised. The CommsForce service and support team located in Melbourne and Sydney provides a comprehensive optical and electrical facility supporting many of the top names within this industry. From this base, CommsForce has assisted many major companies within the Asia Pacific region match the demand to do more; do it better and with fewer resources. Our team is fully educated, trained and qualified to offer total management of all test and monitoring assets.

Our local capabilities include:

  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Technical Phone Support
  • Electrical Calibration
  • Optical Calibration
  • Component Level Equipment Repair
  • Hot Swap Replacement Equipment
  • Product Rental

Contact CommsForce on 02 8858 0670 to discuss your Service requirements.

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