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Security Testing as a Service

The increasing adoption of mobile, cloud, social and information has given way to more sophisticated security threats and caused further challenges for the enterprise. No longer is security considered an IT function but the topic has now taken a prominent place in the board room. Having invested significant capital in securing their infrastructure, board members must be assured that they have mitigated the risk of any attack on their systems to guarantee business continuity.

CommsForce Security TaaS Capabilities:

  • Scalable Performance
    - up to 1Tbps of application throughput
    - up to 720M concurrent HTTP sessions
    - up to 24M new connections per seconds
  • Real World Applications
    - 270+ application protocols
    - enterprise applications, mobility, gaming, web, voice and video
    - storage workloads and traffic
    - custom applications
  • Real Attacks
    - 6000+ live security attacks
    - 36,000 pieces of live malware
    - DDoS and botnet simulation

CommsForce - Security Testing as a Service CommsForce - Security Testing as a Service (1076 KB)

Engage CommsForce when you need:

  • vendor neutral consultation services
  • access to a state of the art network and application simulation environment
  • to reduce project risk
  • increase the accuracy of project investment profiles
  • accelerate project deliverables

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