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Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Industry adoption of flexible resourcing models has seen the growth of XaaS (X as a Service) engagement models. TaaS is a form of software testing that uses cloud infrastructure to effectively provide validation capabilities on demand to end users. The CommsForce TaaS platform provides a scaleable, flexible and highly available distributed testing environment that provides the following benefits:

  • on-demand, always-on test capability

  • minimises Capital Expenditure

  • validation acceleration through scalable enabled infrastructure

  • balanced investment models - capex v opex

Testing as a Service Testing as a Service (877 KB)

The range of services offered by CommsForce in this area are extensive and are outlined below:

CommsForce assists many of Australia’s largest carriers achieve optimal network performance and identify investment schedules. We can be trusted to deliver, regardless of the complexity.

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