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Training Ethernet/IP Courses

The world has seen the evolution of Ethernet networks in just about every type of communications network globally over the past 10 years. Regardless of whether it is voice, video or data traffic, Ethernet is the most common technology of all time.

Its ability to prioritise traffic and limit transmission delay has seen this technology move from the constraints of LAN networks to now being used by most telecommunications organisations globally. Training partner, PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE provides a series of training course that focus on the main areas of this technology including service delivery, application performance, VoIP scalability, routing (MPLS), QoS and more. Our courses are generally customised to meet specific needs and maximise the outcomes needed by our clients.

PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE's specifically designed training manuals, enhanced practical exercises and technical phone support ensure your investment delivers increased levels of productivity and confidence. PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE's technology training specialists will be able to advise you on the course most suited to your needs.

View comprehensive information on PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE's Ethernet/IP courses and scheduled training dates.

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